Marauding insurgents. An innocent life. Married strangers.

Fire and Water, Life and Death. The four types of magic held in perfect balance by the magi who wield them.That harmony shattered when a sorcerer wielding two opposing magics laid waste to the four clans, driving them into isolation

Now, millennia later, leaders are trying to unite the clans once again. Mari, a Death Mage, is married offto a Fire Prince, Zahir, halfway across the world. Met with outrage and disarray, the pair must learn tonavigate a marriage to a stranger and adjust to their sudden rise to King and Queen.

When their coronation is disrupted by violent insurgents, Mari and Zahir discover a horrifying truth: thereis someone alive who can wield two types of magic once again. In a race against the clock, they must findthe Dual Mage before the insurgents do, else an innocent person will lose their life.


Please be advised that this book contains graphic on screen descriptions of the following common triggers: violence, fire, blood, death, memory loss, murder, kidnapping, and PTSD.

This book also references off screen the following common triggers: violence against queer folks, homophobia, and emotional abuse from a parent.

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Life After Death

Still reeling from his family’s lies, Zahir travels across the world to master his magic. With the threat of death looming over him, he must adapt to a life so unlike his own and work harder than he knew possible, all while reconciling with who he really is.

Back home, Mari assumes her role as Queen of a clan she knows little about. Struggling with ineffective advisors, a devious sister, and complicated alliances, Mari must prove to herself, and her people, that she is worthy of her title.

Suddenly, Mari is forced to shift her priorities as she discovers a wicked threat that could endanger thousands of lives. Mari has no choice but to put her life on the line to defend her home and those she loves. With news of this threat, Zahir has a choice to make – stay and master his magic or return home, ready to die.

In the thrilling sequel to Death by Fire, all hope is lost. No one is safe. And time is running out.


Please be advised this book contains graphic descriptions of the following: mental illness, PTSD, parental death, adoption, violence against queer folks, parental abuse, self injury (for purpose of healing magic practice), infertility, endometriosis, giving up a child, drowning, fire, death, discussion of afterlife.

There are also mentions of the following: homophobia and suicide

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